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How To Free Your Cat From Bad Habits

How to free your cat from bad habits

Scratching Furniture Like A Boss

Truth to be told that a destructive furniture scratching is not a cat’s problem, it’s your problem. Cats need to scratch objects mainly for two reasons – to remove old outer layer of their claws and keep them sharp and to mark their territory. For them it’s as natural ritual as it is for us to brush our teeth. We can not really blame them for doing something that is part of their natural behavior. But what we can do is to direct them to less expensive and more appropriate places for this distractive ritual.

Every home should have at least one scratcher (scratching pad), if you move it to the area your cat likes to hang out the most, it is very likely he will use it. Petbo creates great scratching pads just for that.

Block his old favorite places, be it a coach or a chair or a carpet, with a transparent tape (the one you can buy from a regular supermarket) or by sprinkling some citrus scented water on the areas where your cat used to scratch.

By blocking his common target areas you will make him explore new scratchable objects and the scratcher will come in very handy.

cat screaming at night

Meowing Like It's The World End

There is nothing more annoying than a screaming cat at 3am. No matter how much we love our precious felines, this habit can make pretty much anyone curse or cry, or both. As adults, there may be many reasons that keeps us awake at nights, but the screaming cat is the least you probably want to have on your list.

Putting aside the possibility of mental or physical illnesses and the heat, your cat might be just a great talker, attention seeker, or very bored. Take it as a compliment and do not respond if you feel bothered. The less you respond to meowing the less likely your cat will use it to get attention.

If you keep your cat out of your bedroom at nights, then he just might want to “claim his territory” back. To kindly stop your kitty from brutally insisting on getting into your room just buy a sensor that blows air and put it behind your door. This habit will be gone soon, trust me. But at any circumstances DO NOT give in and attend your cat during his meowing session. They learn really quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Plotting To Kill Anything That Moves (fearless attack on legs and other parts)

Active cat is a happy cat, but if he is too active or plotting attacks on your arms and legs, that might be a sign of anxiety and discomfort. First of all, cats are predators and they have a born instinct for hunting. If there is nothing to hunt he will hunt down you or anyone else who is moving. To solve hyperactivity and spontaneous attacks make sure your kitty has plenty of toys.

Especially after a meal or after a nap they are eager to play. Any toy with the feather would keep him amused and by the end of the play exhausted.

On the other hand if the attacks are caused by anxiety or new arrangements at home, the kitty most likely needs some privacy and is feeling overwhelmed. This can be easily solved by getting him a playhouse or a cat-condo. Petbo has a great selection that would fit lovely in any home and make sure that your kitty has plenty of space and privacy. Another tip is keeping your spare room open where furry friend can hide in (especially if you have people over). Not all the cats are friendly with strangers.

Pee Or Poo Outside The Litter Box Without Feeling Any Guilt

Have your cat peed in your shoes or took a dump in your closet? Though luck, you must have done something to piss your cat off.

Cats are very sensitive, if you mistreat them they know exactly how to revenge. Some cats get less angry than others, so it does not apply to everyone. But if it happened only once or twice and only on your stuff than you better refresh your memory to find out what your cat didn’t like. Can be anything from leaving him alone, to bringing home a stranger to cuddling too much.

If your cats does it frequently it’s better to rule out any medical problems. Kidney problems can make poor kitty pee everywhere (and usually with blood). Bad diet can cause digestion problems, etc. Check with your vet first to make sure your fella is physically well.

Cats are clean animals and they like everything clean and not smelly. Dirty litter box can make your kitty look for “fresher” areas to attend his needs in. Scoop and change litter frequently to avoid it.

cat pee outside litter
cat climbing curtains

Climbing The Curtains Like A Tarzan

Climbing curtains like a Tarzan is not good, definitely not good for your curtains. But for cats it’s their biological need. They need to climb, discover and stretch. Instead of feeling frustrated or worse- shouting at your kitty to leave the curtains alone, you can direct your kitty to practice his habit elsewhere.

The easiest option is to buy or make him a double layered kitty condo or even long scratching post will do. If you lack space in your apartment then add an extra shelf above the furniture where the feline can claim to.

To divert kitty’s attention from curtains to a new climbing place just keep some water at hand and if you see your little adventurer climbing the curtains spray a tiny bit of water on him and put him gently to a more appropriate place where he can climb.

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