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What To Do If Your Partner Does Not Like Cats

What to do if your partner does not like cats

If you have a cat (or two) who you proudly call your family and you have fallen in love with someone who claims to be “not a cat person” then this is for you. Being in a relation with a person who admits to not like cats can be challenging. Some cat parents feel that they need to make a tough choice: leave their precious feline or sacrifice a relationship. But this should not be the case. There are plenty of ways how to make your loved one fall for your cat, no matter how much they say they don’t like them.

1. Clear the air

Talk with your partner to see why and what he does not like about cats. It might be a bad childhood experience with the neighbours’ aggressive cat or your partner might have never had cats in the house so he/ she does not know them. These things are easy to solve by just slowly introducing the cat to your partner. Cats are masters in winning hearts over if the person is open to it.

2. Cat’s behavior problem

If your partner does not like your cat because it has behavior problems, then you need to address them. Learn how to understand your cat’s body language, if your cat bites and scratches guests then it might be a sign that kitty gets too much attention or kitty does not have enough private “space” (they are territorial animals after all). If the cat is hyper-active then you should get more toys and allocate playtime or take the furry fellow out for a walk. More on cats behavior problems you can read here.

3. Bonding time

Spending time with your cat will give your partner a great chance to get to know each other. Allocate some play-time or take feline out for a walk. Physical activities are essential for cats to feel happy and stay healthy.

4. Let your partner feed the cat

No matter how territorial or shy cats are, they will always appreciate the person who feeds them. Once your partner will start feeding your furry friend a positive association will be formed. This way kitty will make an effort to be liked and taken care of. Food is a huge motivator.

5. Compromise

Some people need more time than others to get used to a new pet. Be open minded and willing to compromise if your partner wants to have a cat free room (may it be either the bedroom or a reading room). If your cat starts meowing or scratching to get into his old territory then you can find some ideas how to avoid it here.

6. Keep it clean

Common reason why some do not like pets is because of smell and fur. Cats are very clean, but their litter box and furniture will need your help. Make sure that the litter box is fresh and wipe off furniture and floors at least once a week. If there is no fur or hint of smell then it’s less likely that your partner will feel discomfort at your home. Keeping a clean and fur free house will also help against allergies.

7. Give it time

Be supportive to your partner and your cat since both of them have to get used to each other. Keep the energy positive and high at home and things will work out. Your cat will finally find its way into your partner’s heart, just make sure you remove all the obstacles and support your partner to have an open mind.



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